Hello! Welcome to my website.

My name is Deborah K. Anderson. My friends call me Deb, Bone (long story), or Princess (I grew up surrounded by the male species, and the little lamb chops found great humor in calling me this), but only my relatives can get away with that last one.

I write for young adults (supernatural thrillers, humor, romance), nonfiction, and women's fiction. But my favorite of the three happens to be young adult.

Why, you might ask?

Thank you, I’m glad you did.

Young adults are real, honest, and say the funniest things. They don't worry about being politically correct. I can totally relate to them. And for some odd reason, they relate to me. Maybe it's because of my snarky, I mean, sparkling personality. Whatever the reason, I love writing for this audience.

So come on in, look around, and shoot me an email if you want to talk.

Thanks so much for stopping by!